Coole Bevis LLP is committed to complete transparency in relation to our charges. A brief summary of the options available appears below.

Hourly rate

For most types of work, our charges will be based upon the time that we spend multiplied by an hourly rate. The hourly rate will vary depending upon the level of skill and experience of the lawyer handling your matter. In addition to the time spent, we may take into account a number of other factors. These include any need to carry out work outside normal office hours, the complexity of the issues, the urgency required, and any particular specialist expertise the matter may demand.

An increase in the rates may be applied to reflect such factors and they are reviewed periodically in any case. In some matters, such as administration of estates, a charge reflecting the size of the estate or the value of the financial benefit may be made. Where a charge reflecting any value element is to be added, we will explain this to you.

You will be advised of the hourly rates applicable to your matter and provided with an estimate of charges in advance of instructions being accepted. We will update the estimate of charges at regular intervals.

Fixed fee

We understand that most clients appreciate certainty and therefore, in cases where it is appropriate to do so, we are willing to agree with you a fixed fee for your matter in advance of instructions being accepted.

Conditional fee (or “no win no fee”) agreements and ATE (after the event) legal insurance

In certain disputes where you are claiming damages, we may be able to offer a “no win no fee” arrangement.

After the event legal insurance may also be available for certain disputes.

We can and where appropriate do offer to deal with a claim on a No Win No Fee (conditional fee basis). Each case is decided individually on its own merits .
If your claim is deemed suitable for such an arrangement you will be notified of this at your first meeting or shortly afterwards if we are awaiting more information .

If your case is deemed suitable we will write to you within 14 days of our initial meeting with details of such an arrangement. The cost associated with our consideration of and preparation of such an agreement is not recoverable from the third party/defendant and will have to be paid by you if you are successful in your claim out of your compensation (damages) at the conclusion of your case. This cost is usually about £300 or an hour’s worth of work plus vat at 20%.

If you have any questions about the operation of such arrangements please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our charges take into account our incidental expenses (sometimes called “disbursements”) such as normal postage or telephone charges. We will charge you for any other expenses we incur in connection with your matter, which may include (but are not limited to) Court fees, Counsel’s fees, Land Registry fees, Company and Local Authority search fees and CHAPS/BACS transfer fees.


VAT at the prevailing rate is payable on our charges and on expenses (where applicable).

Complaints Policy

We hope you never have cause to need this but just in case here is our Complaints Policy.

Employment Tribunals Pricing and Services

It is not possible to provide a total cost for the work required to assist in bringing or defending a claim in the Employment Tribunal either for unfair or wrongful dismissal. This is because there are too many variables including, but not limited to, the nature of the claim, the basis for it, the evidential issues, number of witnesses, the value, the amount of documentation and the length of trial.

Our hourly rates vary from £140 per hour to £260 per hour. The work will usually be conducted by Nigel Targett, who qualified as a solicitor in 1993. He joined the firm as a partner in 2016. His hourly rate is £260.

The costs could range from £750 for an initial consultation, review and advice on a claim, up to £30000 involving a complex claim for unfair dismissal and discrimination involving substantial documentation, multiple witnesses, complex legal issues and a lengthy trial. These are not fixed and could be lower or higher.

Disbursements are additional expenses and outgoings over and above our costs. These include counsel fees for advice and advocacy, expert fees for assisting and supporting a claim or defence, witness allowances and travelling to and from hearings.

The above costs and disbursements are exclusive of VAT.

We rarely provide quotes for our services; usually estimates for each stage of the tribunal process. The extent of services which are included will be set out in our client letter of engagement, as will information on key stages and timescales. We cannot provide these generically because each case and claim is different, as are the Employment Tribunal’s directions and timetables.


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