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Are you a client of Universal Trustees Limited (Universal Wealth Preservation)?

The uneasy rumblings regarding Universal Trustees Limited (also known as Universal Wealth Preservation, Universal Tax Solutions and Universal Asset Protection Ltd) have been growing louder and louder over recent months. We have been dealing with a number of clients who have set up trusts with this company or had Wills written with them including assisting …

Prevention is the Best Cure

How many times growing up did you hear the phrase prevention is better than cure? As a Dad of two young girls, I have lost count of how many times I have told them that if they eat too many sweets and don’t brush their teeth, they will eventually fall out. A tad catastrophic maybe, …

Costs in Litigation

The latest controversy affecting those involved in litigation is the way in which the courts will penalise one party for delaying a settlement and dragging out the litigation process. In two recent cases, where differing judgments were handed down, the controversy has been fuelled further. The latest of these two is a case of Holmes …

High Court rules that personal representatives can serve a tenant’s notice more than 2 years after grant of probate

Villarosa v Ryan [2018] EWHC 1914 (Ch) Law Chapter II of the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (LRHUDA 1993) provides tenants of residential flats with a right to claim a new lease at a peppercorn ground rent and for a term expiring 90 years after the term date of the existing lease. …

Availability of Support Services for Children with Acquired Brain Injury

A recent study conducted in the USA has produced a report headed “The Management of Traumatic Brain Injury in Children: Opportunities for Action”. The study highlights a lack of knowledge and infrastructure to provide consistent and necessary support to children with acquired brain injuries which is often referred to as a hidden disability. Although the …

Statutory Will Research

One of the services Finders International provides on behalf of professional clients is statutory will research, writes Danny Curran. This applies in cases where an application for a statutory will has been made—usually where the next of kin needs to be traced in intestacy cases when a client has lost the capacity to make a …

Soar in Funeral Costs in Scotland

A BBC Scotland report has revealed that the basic cost of a funeral in Scotland has risen on average by an incredible 77 percent since 2010. In Scotland, the average funeral costs £3,600, and The Royal London National Funeral Cost Index for 2017 estimates that the average debt take on equals £1,680. The Citizens Advice …

What are Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial agreements and should I have one?

A Pre-nuptial agreement is a written agreement that is entered into by two parties prior to their marriage or civil partnership. If you are already married you can enter into a Post-nuptial agreement which is essentially the same, but entered into after the ceremony has taken place. Most pre or post nuptial agreements deal with …

Ban on Mesh Implants

NHS England have said they are now stopping using Mesh implants after several years of debate amid safety concerns raised by and on behalf of patients. These implants have been used for some years to treat stress urinary incontinence in women especially following childbirth. In the UK more than 100,000 women have had a mesh …

Concussion in Sport. Trouble ahead?

It is only right that at the outset of this blog I make an admission. Ever since I watched Ian Rush take out that camera on a sunny afternoon at Wembley in 1986, I have been planning life events around watching 11 men represent the red half of Merseyside. It always going to be then, …



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