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Basement, air space and sub soil leases can be acquired as part of a collective enfranchisement claim

Chapter I of the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (LRHUDA 1993) entitles qualifying tenants of flats, through a nominee purchaser, to collectively enfranchise their building by purchasing the freehold. This entitlement includes acquisition of the interest of a tenant under any lease of common parts of the building, where the acquisition of …

New Year’s Resolutions

Many of our New Year resolutions may have already fallen by the wayside, but one well worth keeping is to make a Will if you have not already done so, or to review your existing Will. Recent research indicates that only around one third of UK adults has made a Will.  Dying without a valid …

Transfer of Equity and SDLT

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) liability is something house buyers are all too aware of. However, what often comes as a surprise is that SDLT may be payable if you acquire a share in a property by way of a “Transfer of Equity” even in a situation where no money or consideration is payable. A …

Who is entitled to an unclaimed estate?

First, what is an unclaimed estate? An unclaimed estate or unclaimed inheritance refers to what happens when someone dies intestate, i.e. without leaving a will, or it might happen when an old will is in place and the person’s intended beneficiaries died before they did. The general rules of intestacy are—the person’s spouse or civil …

What to do if you’re contacted by Finders International

What do you do if a member of the Finders International team contacts you? It can feel surreal, especially if you’ve never heard of the person whose estate we talk about. But here are some of the suggestions we recommend to give you peace of mind. The first question that likely springs to mind is—why …

Co-owning Property – How to protect your share

The modern world is a complicated place and nowadays family structures can be based on a multitude of different models. Gone are the days when only a husband and wife held a property jointly together. We are seeing the rise of co-ownership between friends and families in greater numbers than ever before. Many bring different …

One fifth of parents transferred assets to avoid inheritance tax sting

Recent research has revealed that one fifth of parents have transferred assets to their children to lessen the amount of inheritance tax payable on their estates. Direct Line’s research revealed this amounted to more than 6.9 million parents and the assets moved amounted to £27 billion, an average of £32,920. In addition, another 6.5 million …

What is the Bona Vacantia List?

The Bona Vacantia is a list of unclaimed estates in England—i.e. estates where someone has died without a will and who has no known family. Bona Vacantia is a Latin term which means vacant goods. By law, ownerless property passes to the Crown, though heir hunting firms will often seek out heirs so that entitled …

The New Death Tax

A week after the budget and a sting in the tail. The government will re-introduce the unpopular and unfair increase to the fees for obtaining a grant of probate by Statutory Instrument with effect from 27th November 2018. You might recall their attempt to do this last year, which was withdrawn due to the general …

Is a Trust the Right Thing for You?

The concerns and problems raised by Universal Trustees, its conduct and its subsequent compulsory liquidation are now clear to all those former clients of the company. Many people were persuaded to set up trusts, transfer assets or complete Wills – all actions that were presented to them as tailored to their specific needs. Perhaps, for …


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