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Posted By: on 25th February 2019 | Category: Wills, Will Drafting and Succession

How much do you think you are worth financially? You may think you have nothing of value. Start adding it up; the car or cars, the home you own, that little stash of premium bonds, the bank account your salary goes into every month! It can all add up and just think, “what happens to all this when my time comes to shuffle off this mortal coil?” If you don’t make a Will it becomes a free for all. Your worldly goods could go to people you don’t even know; your cousin’s cousin four times removed, that pesky aunty that insisted on smothering your childhood face with kisses every Christmas, that estranged family member you vowed never to talk to again! Not making a Will causes your estate to become the subject of intestacy, which in itself can bring grief. Under the intestacy rules, estates must be divided in a particular way and, if your best friend comes forward and says “well they promised me the old clock on the mantel piece”, then it’s tough luck because that lovely clock will form part of your intestate estate and go to that cousin four times removed or another near or distant relative that you never met or no longer connect with. So, take some time to sit down and work out your finances. You may even be pleasantly surprised. Make a list of to whom you would like your assets to pass, otherwise that long lost relative will be very happy you didn’t make that Will!

If you wish to discuss this further then you can contact me directly at the Hove office on 01273 722532 or email me – We do have offices in Worthing and Horsham as well so if either of those are your preferred location please do let me know and I will direct you to a colleague of mine.

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