Estate and Wealth Planning

Estate and Wealth Planning

The old saying about death and taxes has been applicable since taxes were invented. But so many people leave matters to be dealt with later – a “later” that never comes – or fail entirely to take advice to minimise the problems that can arise in relation to both death and taxes.

At Coole Bevis LLP we have a team of experienced solicitors who can assist with all manner of estate planning including lifetime gifting, tax advice, asset protection and planning for later life and death. We advise individuals and families from their earliest years right the way through to the end of their life, assisting with both short term and long term planning.

One of the most basic methods of simple estate planning is a will. Too many people believe that they don’t need a will because they are young or their estate is simple and everything will go to their spouse and then to their children. As with all things in life, it is not that simple and it is always better to put something in place to assist your family with dealing with your affairs after you are gone. No matter how young you are or how simple you believe your affairs to be, if you have assets or children (or both!) then you should have a will.

Whether for simple estates or more complicated one, a well-drafted will can avoid all sorts of problems, and will provide your family with detailed instructions at a time when they are grieving your loss. Wills give you greater control, allowing you to put in place protective structures to preserve your assets for the next generation. Our team are very experienced in assisting with this but we are not restricted to just wills.

Our team strive to ascertain your goals, to understand where you started and where you would like to progress to both for you personally and for your family and later generations. We aim to help you plan and manage your assets throughout your life with the greatest amount of flexibility that the law allows, often utilising gifts or trusts.

In addition to wills, Coole Bevis LLP also have a wealth of experience in advising regarding tax-efficient gifting and the creation and management of trusts. Trusts are usually set up to protect assets to benefit your chosen person or people, protect against remarriage or divorce, or provide for vulnerable members of your family. You might set up trust under your will or –where appropriate – set up one during lifetime. Trusts are both useful and complicated structures and we have specialists in this field who can assist you with all the necessary work in relation to them.



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