Information required for Contract of Employment

Posted By: on 16th September 2019 | Category: Employment for You, Employment Law Solicitors

So, you wish to advertise a post or role, or have interviewed candidates and wish to offer somebody employment… and have an idea as to the terms of employment including pay and hours of work.

In our previous post we set out the importance of recording the contractual arrangements. We also highlighted the fact that for senior employees, or employees who have access to confidential or sensitive business information, there should be more specific terms.

You will need to decide on the types of clauses you wish to be inserted into a contract of employment and how you would like to regulate the employee’s work and role. The different types of clauses will be determined by various different factors such as the needs of the business, where the business and/or role is based, the seniority of the position, the sort of business information to which the employee is going to be accessing or dealing with, competitors, how the business is structured and financial incentives amongst others.

As a Dispute Resolution solicitor, a meeting with a business to explain what clauses should be put in place for employees, is a more controlled and less costly one, than a meeting with a business who is experiencing problems with an employee where there are issues with how his or her employment is being governed as a result of no clear contractual obligations.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding the above please call our employment solicitor, Nigel Targett, on 01903 534510 or email

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